tmux – a terminal multiplexer


tmux lsList running sessions.
tmux new -s name – Create a new session with the name name.
tmux a -t nameAttach to an existing session with the name name.
Ctrl+b dDetach from the current session.
exit – Close(end) the current session (terminate the bash instance).


Ctrl+b w – List open windows.
Ctrl+b cCreate a new window.
exit – Close(end) the current window (terminate the bash instance).
Ctrl+b n – Go to the next window.
Ctrl+b p – Go to the previous window.
Ctrl+b PageUp and PageDown – Scroll up and down in the window(exit with q).
Ctrl+b % – Split window vertically(exit bash instance to close split).
Ctrl+b “ – Split window horizontally(exit bash instance to close split).
Ctrl+b Up/Down/Left/Right arrow – Move the focus into next split.
Hold Ctrl+b and press Up/Down/Left/Right arrow – Resize current split.
Ctrl+b & – Kill current window.
Ctrl+b , – Rename current window.
set-option -g history-limit 3000 – Set scroll buffer size.